Rowan Tree Stables 1: Ride To the Rescue



ISBN 9780717198719
Nina Carberry
Publisher Gill Books
Format Hardback
Published 2023




Ride to the Rescue is the exciting first book in THE ROWAN TREE STABLES series — an illustrated pony series inspired by Nina Carberry’s own childhood, featuring 10-year-old Grace and her best friend, Aaron. Grace and Aaron attend different schools but meet at the local riding stables, where they like to ride out together. Though opposite in character, they are the best of friends, bonded by their shared love of ponies and adventure. Their ponies Daisy and Nipper are best friends too! In Ride to the Rescue, Grace and Aaron discover something fishy about the local river. It’s up to them – and their ponies – to track down who is behind it. But how will they manage when Grace’s pony, Daisy, gets injured?

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