The Book of Secrets


ISBN 9781788493208
Alex Dunne
Publisher O’Brien Press Ltd
Format Paperback
Published October 2022




The door flew open, and Granny stared out at Cat with wild eyes.

‘So,’ she said, almost in a whisper, ‘they’re back.’

For the first time in over fifty years, the Trooping Fairies are in the small town of Clonbridge for their annual Revels. Their arrival awakens other creatures, who have mischief and chaos in mind.

Eleven-year-old Cat is in more danger than most. She has the Sight, like her Granny before her, and that makes her a magnet for all things supernatural. But when the wild magic hurts her family, she needs to find a friend she can really trust. Together they face real danger and must use all their wits and bravery to save those they love, before the sun rises …

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