The Fart that Changed the World


ISBN 9780702315008
Author Stephen Mangan
No. of Pages Paperback | 368 pages
Date Published 26/05/2022




A high-energy, laugh-out-loud, fully illustrated adventure
story by much-loved actor Stephen Mangan and talented artist
Anita Mangan.
It’s the most important day of the year for King Fabian as he
is hosting all the neighbouring rulers. Everything simply must go
perfectly. King Fabian wakes up, stretches, and farts. His wife’s
fury is so huge that he panics and blames the butler, who is carted
off to the dungeons. Leaving behind a big problem: Fabian isn’t
really the brains behind the crown: it is the butler… how will
dithery Fabian manage to pull off this high-pressure event alone?
His small and smelly fart looks like it will kick off a crisis…

Frank – a kitchen boy with a big imagination – is drafted in as
an emergency butler. As the banquet descends into a food fight
and processions catapult out of control, Frank finds himself in an
all-out farty farce. Can he save the day?

Wildly funny and endlessly surprising, this is delightfully imaginative, surreal storytelling with a message that small events can trigger big change, and children can be heroes!

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