The Greatest Show on Earth


ISBN 9780241480830
Mini Grey
Publisher Puffin
No. of Pages Hardback | 48 pages
Date Published 01/05/2022




A Just Books staff pick – this fits 4.6 billion years of life on this planet into 48 pages. With magnificent artwork from award-winning author-illustrator Mini Grey, this is suitable for age 4 or 5 and upwards.

Narrated by a friendly troop of insects through mind-blowing, lively images, this illustrated fact book will entertain and educate. More than a mere book, this is a performance: the greatest show of all – the evolution of life on Earth.

One of our children’s book expert’s best reads of 2022 – read a review and take a look inside: www.picturebook.com/post/the-greatest-show-on-earth

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