This Time Tomorrow (a Just Books staff pick)


ISBN 9781405946124
Author Emma Straub
Publisher Penguin
Format Paperback
Year  Published 2022




About to turn forty, Alice feels stuck: She works at the school she attended. Her boyfriend isn’t the man of her dreams.

And her beloved father Leonard is dying. But after one too many drinks, she wakes up in her childhood home to find forty-year-old Leonard celebrating her sixteenth birthday. Now Alice gets to relive this one day in 1996, over and over.

When the slightest change will impact the rest of her life. Can she fix her life and save her father? Or will her good intentions only cause harm to those she loves most? With her celebrated humour, insight, and heart, Emma Straub cleverly turns all the traditional time travel tropes on their head and delivers a different kind of love story – about the lifelong, reverberating relationship between a parent and child.

This tender tale of time travel is a Just Books staff pick and perfect for anyone looking for a memorable, uplifting story with a sprinkling of 90s nostalgia.


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